It’s five am. As I roll over in bed, thinking of the tens of thousands of things I need to accomplish in the next twelve hours, a little sleepy child wanders to my bedside. “Mommy I’m hungry”. I haven’t slept much in the past five years. In fact there’s more nights than not that some tiny human is causing an interruption in my natural circadian rhythm. I can’t remember the last time I actually had a dream. Can anyone relate to that?

I am a mother to three. Knox, my oldest is five. He is a gentle giant, the sweetest spirit. Nolan is the middle, he is three. There will be more blog posts about Nolan to come. He’s really that interesting. 100% boy, 100% wild child. Nash is one. Probably forever the baby of the bunch as I am inevitability cut off from further child baring by my sweet husband and the fact that it would absolutely asinine to have another for us right now.


Boys are wild. It’s true what they say. Balancing them, a career away from home, owning a boutique and various other jobs is somewhat challenging. I would like to share with you some helpful tips that get me through the days, and help me enjoy them to their up most potential (while not going completely insane).

1. Enjoy the great outdoors. Sometimes you have to put the chores aside and just take you kids outside! I find it’s an excellent way to pass the time until my better half arrives in the door and I frantically give him responsibility of whichever child is behaving the worst at that moment. Plus, there’s always something inviting to them about a treasure hunt or a make believe game outside. There’s also always something dangerous. But, if you’re lucky enough not to have any near death experiences, the great outdoors provides a refuge to slow down, get some fresh air and listen to the sounds of nature (aka wild boys screaming to the top of their lungs).

2. Have patience…and pray. If there is anything these boys have taught me, it is patience. When I lose it and yell, I typically feel terrible afterwards. Sometimes it’s so they can hear me, as I often feel their little ears have a mute button to my voice which they can only seem to hear at the same decibel as a jet plane. I honestly do deep breathing from time to time to keep from loosing it. It particulalary gets under my skin when their crimes involve them hurting each other or urinating on things (#boymom)…Whatever your outlet is, tap into that and hopefully it can help you keep your momma bear outbursts to a minimum. Because let us be honest, we all have them, and they aren’t pretty!

And pray. Thank heavens for the good Lord above. Because sometimes tiny males have a way of doing things that are so unimaginable, you just have to bow your head and say “Dear Jesus, please help me calm it down a notch before I go crazy on them.” I’m not quite sure if that is the best way to say my prayers but Jesus doesn’t judge and He’s always listening so He gets a random variety from me.

3. Let them be little. One day when Nolan was having an irrational tantrum, I found myself responding “Nolan, you’re acting like a little baby!!!”. Ensue more tears. Surely that wasn’t the nicest thing to say, but being transparent here, it’s not the worst I’ve ever said either. But it hit me in the chest to hear the words come from my mouth, he IS a baby. Three is a tough age. I like to compare the tantrums and outbursts to an inconsolable teenage girl on her cycle. Refer back to tip two to survive the threenager.

In summary, love on those babies. You don’t need an elaborate schedule, planner, meal prepping, or overly structured life to raise them right (although if you have all those things, you’re doing an amazing job, and I applaud you!!). I hope through writing I am relatable to someone out there struggling to rock this mom job. Hold on tight momma’s it’s a wild ride, but we are in this together!


Until next time,



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